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Top 4 Courier Companies across the world | USPS tracking


Sometimes you have felt that you were in fix when to choose from different courier companies to send parcels, order online products etc. So I thought to write a post regarding World’s some top courier companies on you can trust. Because it is only the trusting which make them trustworthy for other people who have not used the services till now. If you are a frequent user courier services like me then this post is going to help you a lot for sure. Because I am listing some of the best courier companies running in the market. I personally use USPS because of its quality services and prices. It is one of the oldest postal services. It was started in late 17th century as an Independent Agency in the United States.  But US government has implemented some rules & regulations. We will discuss it later. So lets start our journey to figure out best courier companies.


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  1. United Parcel Inc

In the courier market this company has gain more user concentration than others because of its fast services. According to an report, it delivered more than 15 million parcels to 6 million customers in 220 countries within a single Day. It has its 200 aircrafts which make it easier to deliver things on time to customers on time. Within a small span of time it has crossed the line and stand up at 1st position in shipping world.


  1. USPS : United Nations Postal Service

It is the only one US federal government authorized agency to deliver products on Uniform prices for a particular weight and size irrespective of location within the borders of United States. It was founded in 1971. It is providing its services in more than 190 countries. You can now track your oders online by using usps tracking services.


  1. DHL Express

It was founded in Germany by Larry Hillblom , Adrian etc. Now it has more 500000 people in this company and working worldwide to provide courier services.


  1. Fedx Corporation

It is also good to choose Fedx corporation when in need. It is also an award winning courier company founded in United States. It has tied up with Delta Airlines. Delta airlines has world maximum number of Civil aircraft in the world. It makes Fedx, a leading company in shipping world.

So these were world’s Top 4 courier companies. Now you have option to choose from the best ones.

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